Dcidor was founded in 2011 by Ron de Bruijn.

Ron holds a Msc. in Applied Computing Science and has academic and/or industrial experience in such areas as graph theory, functional programming, type-systems, automated theorem proving, artificial intelligence, compiler construction, data-mining, business-intelligence, and computational geometry.

About the technology behind this website

This website consists of 100% custom code. It uses the highly sophisticated Ur/Web programming language in combination with some custom built libraries based on proven technology (to enable a multi-threaded, multi-lingual website capable of processing 100+MB/second of HTTP-responses and 12,000+requests/second just a single core (it's also multi-core enabled and cluster deployments are also possible). An unexpected problem was found (and resolved) in measuring such high-performance systems, since most benchmark tools are not capable of scaling to such high throughputs (e.g. siege, JMeter, Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool, and so on).

Why? We don't just build a system; we build the best.