Welcome to Dcidor: a software technology and strategy provider. It is our goal to automate the world, to raise the quality of software with the use of formal methods and increase the dependability of computing systems.

We work with clients from all over the world from our office in Woerden, The Netherlands to provide the following services:


In its broadest form a business process can be described as an algorithm and one would like that all of these processes run smoothly. Nowadays these processes are supported by computers, but increasingly fewer people actually know the reason for why certain programs run on them and whether they provide an overall increase of productivity or not.

Decisions on whether to take solution A or solution B are more often based on prejudice than on their actual properties; essentially the software market a very non-transparent market. You don't get what you pay for, because you don't know what you are paying for. This is not just an issue regarding the direct costs of for example software; it can also lower employee happyness in your company. It seems that insecure, underperforming software is the standard and we gladly assist you in fixing the situation.

Sometimes a feasability study or a costs study has to be done. Sometimes it requires expert knowledge to evaluate such things, because for example the technology is new and the only source of information is some research paper and you wish some independent advice. Dcidor can explain the requirements and impact of such technology on your company promptly.

Dcidor is not committed to any specific technology stack and as such is not biased in its advice.

Algorithm design and implementation

The invention or development of algorithms usually occurs within the academic community, but they often are only developed on paper without actual implementations.

Our clients benefit from our strong algorithmic knowledge and experience in implementing such algorithms. Dcidor is unique in that it combines these skills with the use of statically typed functional programming languages which make it possible to also gain confidence in the correctness of the implementation of these algorithms.

Application development

Dcidor works in multiple countries and across domains. We develop applications performing to our clients needs and specifications.

Dcidor has extensive experience with various implementations of Haskell, C, C++, Java and Python on multiple platforms, but keep in mind that this is only a small selection of the languages we are capable of using.

Open-source software

Dcidor has over a decade of experience with a large range of open-source software. We can help your business become less dependent on closed source software.

Process analysis

Whether you are running a factory, a bank, or some software development company, there are bound to be inefficiencies in your activities. Sometimes these inefficiencies exist for good reasons, but often they exist because the company has 'no time' to improve its processes.

Essentially, the only reason for not improving processes is if you assume that your company will be out of business in some foreseeable future. Continuous improvement of little or perhaps big parts of your business is what makes it both powerful and successful over time.

Dcidor has extensive experience in optimizing software development processes.

Artificial intelligence

Making machines perform tasks at human skill levels (and beyond) has been one of the main fields of study since the invention of the computer.

It cannot be denied that nowadays for specific tasks computers dominate humans, e.g. placement of electronic components, but these achievements are often considered to be unworthy of the term intelligence, because afterall, they have just been programmed to do that.

However, since the early 2000s there are more systematic approaches to artificial intelligence to which these arguments do not apply. Dcidor is very much up to date with respect to the latest developments in this area and is interested in applying this knowledge into economically viable ventures.

Applications of such technology are limitless and only bound by the inherent complexity of the problem (to which you would be able to actually assign a number). Examples would include breaking of cyphers in fundamentally new ways, the development of better search engines, perfect speech recognition, more flexible and cheaper robotics and so on.